The Lumicraft LumiSix is a unique combination of a compact yet bright color-changing multi-panel LED effect and a decorative mood light. Being able to operate all its 6 panels independently or simultaneously , dynamic spotlight-chaser effects are as well possible as slow full-area color fades. Adding the sleek, elegant design, this units adds moods from party to chill-out to any location from a private living room to a commercial pub or tavern.


  • LED panel with 216pcs. of ultra-bright 3mm 0.06W LEDs (72xRed, 72xGreen, 72xBlue)
  • LEDs arranged in 6 panel sections which can work independently or simultaneously
  • Dispersion angle 30 degrees
  • Total luminous output (all colors full level) 360lm
  • 5 Operation modes:  Chase – Fade – Mood – Scene – Flash
  • Chase Mode operates all panels independently with switching transition, 11 patterns available
  • Fade Mode operates all panels independently with fading transition, 11 patterns available
  • Mood Mode operates all panels at the same time with fading transition, 11 patterns available
  • Scene Mode operates all panels at the same time with static colors, 13 colors available
  • Flash Mode operates all panels in strobe mode, 4 patterns available
  • Patterns can be run in 4 different speed levels
  • Sound-to-Light mode with in-built microphone for Chase mode
  • Operation either via on-board 4-key user interface or infrared remote control (included), or via external digital control (based on DMX512 with start channel =1)
  • Synchronization between units via digital control in/out possible
  • Digital control input and output via 3.5mm stereo TRS jack
  • Automatic master/slave detection if digital control input jack is inserted
  • 21-channel DMX512-based control protocol for external access to all panel sections and internal presets
  • External 12V table-top wide-range switch mode power supply
  • Power-through jack on rear side for ease of installation (requires optional PSU)
  • Mounting tripod included, attachable to rear or bottom of unit for table-top, wall or ceiling operation




  • Type: 3mm 1-chip 0.06W
  • Quantity: 216 pcs.
  • Distribution: 72 red-72 green-72 blue
  • Luminous output: 360 lm total
  • Optics: Primary, 30°

Power Supply

  • Input: 90-250V~ 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: max. 12W

Control Electronics

  • Dim Modulation: PWM
  • DMX Control: 21-Channel


  • Dimension: L335mm x W65mm x D50mm
  • Weight: 0.38 kg net



The LumiSix can be modified to suit the customer’s needs. The following options are available (only on order – not for retrofit):

  • Rear Panel identification sticker
  • Packaging artwork



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