The LumiLine-24/3 is a high-power, optionally outdoor-rated (IP65) RGB LED linear light source with 3-in-1 RGB TriLEDs for the stage and architectural market, specifically serving applications where coherent color mixing straight from the source is a must. Innovative cooling technology and the switch mode constant current drive system represent the state of the art, while the well-proven display + 3-button user interface makes intuitive operation a breeze, just like the easy conversion between the connector-equipped indoor version and the cable-gland-equipped outdoor version.


  • Total LED power 72W (limited to 58W in thermal peak conditions)
  • LED panel with 24pcs. of ultra-bright 3x1W High-Power TriLEDs
  • Total luminous peak output (all colors full level) 3400 lm with factory-calibrated white balance
  • CDA™** (Current Drive Array) technology with high-efficiency switchmode current regulators
  • DISSIMAX™** heatsink with optimized geometry to control temperature for long LED life
  • Precision PMMA lenses with 25° conical dispersion angle (40° optional)
  • IP-65 Ingress protection rating (with optional outdoor conversion kit fitted)
  • Switch mode power supply with wide-range input and PFC (EN61000-3-2 (Class C) compliant)
  • IEC C14 input plus IEC C13 power output
  • 3-pin XLR sockets for DMX in- and output with lock mechanism on female connector
  • Convenient color-preset mode with 13 useful preset colors
  • Auto-Mode with 10 internal color change patterns in 3 speeds (fade, slow fade, switch, strobe)
  • 4-channel DMX mode (RGB brightness, dimmer/strobe) with adjustable start channel
  • 5-channel DMX mode optional (RGB brightness, dimmer, strobe – only on order)
  • DMX slave mode to easily connect several units to be controlled by the first unit in the chain
  • Blue 7-segment display (automatic display-off mode after 30 seconds)
  • Extruded aluminum body with black UV-resistant PE powder coating and lower M10 nut slot for universal mounting
  • 2xvariable-position dual aluminum bracket for wall- or floor-mounted operation
  • Outdoor conversion kit with 4xPG9 (2x for DMX data cable, 2x for AC supply cable) available
  • Unit can be disassembled for service and maintenance (removable tempered glass cover)
  • CE-compliant, ROHS compliant




  • Type: 3x1W RGB 3-in-1 TriLED
  • Quantity: 24 pcs.
  • Distribution: 24 red-24 green-24 blue
  • Luminous output: 3400 lm total
  • Optics: Secondary, optical PMMA, 25 degrees
  • Cooling: MCPCB, Dissimax Heatsink

Power Supply

  • Input: 90-250V~ 50/60Hz
  • Power Cons.: max. 80W

Control Electronics

  • Dim Modulation: PWM
  • DMX Control: 4-channel (5-channel optional)


  • Dimension L 1011x D 75.5x H 101.5mm (/w brackets)
  • Weight 6.2kg net



The LumiLINE-24/3 can be modified to suit the customer’s needs. The following options are available (only on order – not for retrofit):

  • 5-Channel DMX scheme
  • Body color: powder coating in any color available (surcharge and MOQ applies)
  • Side Panel user interface printing
  • Packaging artwork



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