The Lumicraft LumiWASH-572/10, designed to be one of the most competetive RGB LED wash lights in the market, provides a large number of proven ultra-bright 10mm LEDs in a uniquely innovative all-metal case with angled connection panel, which provides not only DMX- but also power- in/outputs for the easiest setup by daisychaining. The flat design not only looks elegant, but also saves transportation volume and allows mounting closer to walls. This unit offers an incredible lumen-per-dollar ratio!


  • LED panel with 572pcs. of ultra-bright 10mm 0.06W LEDs (153xRed, 269xGreen, 150xBlue)
  • Dispersion angle 40 degrees (30 degrees optional – only on order)
  • Total luminous output (all colors full level) 995lm with factory-calibrated white balance
  • PC lens protection screen with edge-guide technology for better LED beam shaping
  • Passive panel cooling (no fan)
  • Switch mode power supply with wide-range input
  • IEC C14 input with detachable power cord plus IEC C13 power output
  • Angled connection panel for ultimate connection ease and compact shape
  • Convenient color-preset mode with 13 useful preset colors
  • Auto-Mode with 10 internal color change patterns in 3 speeds (fade, slow fade, switch, strobe)
  • Sound-to-light-Mode with 10 internal color sequences
  • 4-channel DMX mode (RGB brightness, dimmer/strobe) with adjustable start channel
  • 5-channel DMX mode optional (RGB brightness, dimmer, strobe – only on order) 
  • DMX slave mode to easily connect several units to be controlled by the first unit in the chain
  • Blue 7-segment display (automatic display-off mode after 30 seconds)
  • Sheet metal body, black powder coated surface
  • Dual steel bracket with hook mounting recess for hanging and standing operation
  • CE compliant
  • ROHS compliant



Type: 10mm 1-chip 0.06W
Quantity: 572 pcs.
Distribution: 153 pcs. red, 269 pcs. green, 150 pcs. blue
Luminous output: 995 lm total
Optics: Primary, 40 degrees (30 degrees optional)

Power Supply
Input: 90-250V~ 50/60Hz
Power Cons.: max. 40W

Control Electronics
Dim Modulation: PWM
DMX Control: 4-Channel (5-Channel optional)

Size (WxDxH): 450x70x295mm
Weight: 4.05 kg net



The LumiWash 572-10 can be modified to suit the customer’s needs. The following options are available (only on order – not for retrofit):

  • 30 degrees dispersion angle
  • 5-Channel DMX mode
  • Rear Panel user interface printing
  • Packaging artwork



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