Based on the outstandingly successful LumiStage LED-Bar design, the Lumicraft LumiStage-4×7-3 gets you up and running in minutes – just unfold a tripod, drop the bar on top, connect power and DMX cables, and done! Using the latest generation of high-power 3-in-1 LEDs , this unit sports a brightness level sufficient for most events. Backed by appropriate design competence, this is the probably only bar with proper fan-free (and thus noise-free) cooling  of its LEDs, and hence capable of both continuous white color emission and accomplishment of a long LED lifetime. Unlike other systems which lack suitable and user-friendly control systems, the LumiStage-4×7-3 has been designed to work either with the LumiCon43 handheld DMX controller, or the LumiCon-43/F foot-operated DMX controller, or the IRC-1 infrared remote control (all optional – none included). Delivered in a gigbag for best transportation convenience.


  • 4 RGB LED panels with each 7pcs. of high-power RGB 3-in-1 LEDs
  • Precision PMMA lenses with 25 degrees dispersion angle
  • Total luminous output (all panels/colors full level) 3960 lm (each panel 990 lm)
  • Each panel can be turned and swivelled
  • Wide-range switch mode power supply and CDA current drive array for LED panel
  • IEC C14 input with detachable power cord
  • Auto-Mode with 10 chase patterns in 3 speeds (fade, slow fade, switch, strobe)
  • Sound-to-Light mode with 10 different available sound-triggered chase patterns
  • Scene mode with 20 different available static color and color combination presets
  • IR Receiver built-in for operation with optional Lumicraft IRC-1 infrared remote control
  • 16-channel DMX mode (each panel: RGB brightness, dimmer/strobe) with adjustable start channel; 20-channel DMX mode optional (RGB brightness, dimmer, strobe – only on order)
  • DMX REVERSE mode to allow “symmetrical” control of two units
  • DMX COMPLETE mode to allow all panels to act as one fixture
  • Blue 7-segment display (automatic display-off mode after 30 seconds)
  • Completely passive cooling (no fan)
  • Two M10 thread inserts on top for rigging   
  • All-steel body, black powder coated
  • Tripod mount for 35mm tripods
  • Delivered in padded gigbag
  • CE compliant,  ROHS compliant




  • Type: RGB 3-in-1 3W
  • 28pcs. in 4 panels
  • Distribution (x4): 7 red-7 green-7 blue
  • Luminous output: 3960 lm total
  • Optics: Primary, 25 degrees

Power Supply

  • Input: 90-250V~ 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: max. 90W

Control Electronics

  • Dim Modulation: PWM
  • DMX Control: 16-channel, (20-channel optional)


  • Dimension: L 910x H 268x D 82mm
  • Weight: 7.2 kg net



The LumiSTAGE-4×7/3 can be modified to suit the customer’s needs. The following options are available (only on order – not for retrofit):

  • 4×5-Channel DMX control scheme
  • Front silkscreen sticker printing on bar
  • User interface printing
  • Printing on gig bag



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