As a DJ, small band or entertainer, the Lumicraft LumiStage-4×146/10 gets you up and running with a basic stage lighting system in minutes – just unfold a tripod, drop the LumiStage-4×146/10 on top, connect power and DMX cables and you are ready to rock! Using 10mm ultra-bright LEDs in its 4 RGB LED panels, the LumiStage-4×146/10 delivers enough light output for small venues, while the performer and the audience remain unmolested from heat or noise as the unit does not create any noticeable heat and does not require noisy cooling fans. Unlike other systems which lack suitable and user-friendly control systems, this unit has been designed to work either with the LumiCon-43 handheld DMX controller, or the LumiCon-43/F foot-operated DMX controller, or the IRC-1 infrared remote control (all optional – none included). Being delivered in a handy gigbag for easy transport, this is your perfect lighting companion!


  • 4 RGB LED panels with each 146pcs. of ultra-bright 10mm 0.06W LEDs (40xR, 68xG, 38xB)
  • Dispersion angle 20 degrees (30 or 40 degrees optional – only on order)
  • Total luminous output (all panels/colors full level) 980 lm (each panel 245 lm)
  • Each panel can be turned and swivelled
  • Wide-range switch mode power supply
  • IEC C14 input with detachable power cord
  • Auto-Mode with 10 chase patterns in 3 speeds (fade, slow fade, switch, strobe)
  • Sound-to-Light mode with 10 different available sound-triggered chase patterns
  • Scene mode with 20 different available static color and color combination presets
  • IR Receiver built-in for operation with optional Lumicraft IRC-1 infrared remote control
  • 16-channel DMX mode (each panel: RGB brightness, dimmer/strobe) with adjustable start  channel
  • 20-channel DMX mode optional (RGB brightness, dimmer, strobe – only on order)
  • DMX REVERSE mode to allow “symmetrical” control of two units
  • DMX COMPLETE mode to allow all panels to act as one fixture
  • Blue 7-segment display (automatic display-off mode after 30 seconds)
  • Completely passive cooling (no fan)
  • Two M10 thread inserts on top for rigging   
  • All-steel body, black powder coated
  • Tripod mount for 35mm tripods
  • Delivered in padded gigbag
  • CE compliant,  ROHS compliant




  • Type: 10mm 1-chip 0.06W
  • Quantity: 4×146 pcs.
  • Distribution (x4): 40 red-68 green-38 blue
  • Luminous output: 975 lm total
  • Optics: Primary, 20 degrees (30° or 40° optional)

Power Supply

  • Input: 90-250V~ 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: max. 42W

Control Electronics

  • Dim Modulation: PWM
  • DMX Control: 16-channel, 16-ch. reverse (20-channel optional)


  • Dimension: L 910x H 268x D 61mm
  • Weight: 6.6 kg net



The LumiSTAGE-4×146/10 can be modified to suit the customer’s needs. The following options are available (only on order – not for retrofit):

  • 30°/40° dispersion angle
  • 4×5-Channel DMX control scheme
  • Front silkscreen printing on bar
  • User interface printing
  • Printing on gig bag



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