LumiWING 3

The hottest 3-in-1 effect from Lumicraft – the LumiWING-3 sends fans and beams through its 3 large lenses into the whole room, creating a stunning 100 degree-coverage of any mid-sized stage or dancefloor with powerful rays of light from its 360 superbright LEDs in 4 colors – red, green blue and white. The highly diversified patterns can either be run in auto mode, sound-to-light mode or be called off by the sophisticated DMX implementation. A unique pole mount system allows to mount this effect on the same stand as a speaker. Another true crowd mover!


  • 360 ultra-bright LEDs (90 Red, 90 Green, 90 Blue, 90 White)
  • LEDs arranged in 3 individually controlled panels
  • 3 Optical PMMA-grade Fresnel lens for superb area coverage
  • Five operation modes: Automatic (internal 120BPM clock), Sound-to-Light (through in-built microphone), Slave (synch and asynch), 3-channel DMX and 1-Channel DMX mode.
  • Unit acts as Master in Automatic and S2L mode, generating DMX signals for connected slaves. Offset of 1/2/3/4 Beats is selectable for the slave vs. the master if slave is in asynch mode.
  • 1-channel DMX mode for easy on/off functionality and most common settings via DMX
  • 3-channel DMX mode with access to 144 pictures, 99 patterns, 10 sequences, S2L and strobe
  • Easy-to-operate user interface with 3 buttons and LED display
  • Road-proof metal case with sturdy bracket
  • Unique pole-mount fastening system
  • AC Input and Output
  • Wide-range switch mode power supply
  • CE compliant
  • ROHS compliant



  • LED Type: 5mm 1-chip 0.06W
  • LED Quantity: 360 pcs.
  • LED Distribution: 90 R, 90 G, 90 B, 90 W (in 3 panels)
  • Optics: 3xSecondary, Fresnel
  • Control protocol: DMX512 (1990)
  • In/Output connectors: 3-pin XLR (F/M)
  • Sound-to-Light: AGC circuit
  • Power supply: 90-250V~/50-60Hz
  • Consumption: max. 28W
  • Size WxDxH: 440Γ—230x135mm (without bracket)
  • Weight: 3.25 kg (net)

DMX Schemes

1-Channel scheme:
CH1: 0..14 off
15..149 Patterns (3 speeds)
150..199 Patterns + Strobe
200..255 Patterns Sound-to-Light

3-Channel scheme:
CH1: 0..255 Picture/Pattern/Sequence
CH2: 0..255 Speed/S2L Ratio
CH3: 0..255 Strobe/Strobe speed



The LumiWING-3 can be modified to suit the customer’s needs. The following options are available (only on order – not for retrofit):

  • Rear Panel user interface printing
  • Packaging artwork



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