RGB LED lighting is one of the most significant innovations to the entertainment lighting industry in the past years – just when it comes to controlling color mixing LED fixtures, many users find it inconvenient to use programmable controllers requiring to understand exact R:G:B ratios, sequence programming and complex DMX charts. With the LumiCon-43 handheld RGB LED controller, Lumicraft offers stunning patterns, easy access to dimming, strobing and color changes – all at your fingertips in one ingenious little box. Plug and play!


  • Chase Light controller for either 3 or 4 RGB target devices
  • Utilizing industry-standard Multiform DMX 4-channel scheme (5-channel scheme optional; only on order)
  • Four operation modes: Blackout (all off), Scene (static on with selectable color), Pattern (chase), Strobe (white 18Hz strobe)
  • 9 chase patterns, combinable with 7 color schemes
  • Speed in pattern mode either settable by hand tap or music signal picked up from internal microphone
  • Master output dimming level settable to 50/75/100%
  • Transition between steps in pattern mode selectable hard (switching) / soft (fading)
  • All essential functions with status LED
  • Handheld-sized road-proof metal case
  • External 12V power supply (included)



Control protocol: DMX512 (1990)
Output channels: 12/16 (selectable)
Output: 3-pin XLR (F)
Sound-to-Light: AGC circuit

Power supply: 12VDC/100mA
Consumption: max. 125mA/1.5W

Size (WxDxH): 70x110x36mm
Weight: 305g (net)

Target Devices
Required DMX scheme:
CH1: 0..255 Intensity red
CH2: 0..255 Intensity green
CH3: 0..255 Intensity blue
CH4: 0..127 Master Dimmer
128..227 Strobe
228..255 Master full on

NOTE: Only target devices following the above DMX channel scheme are compatible with the LumiCon-43. As an alternative, CH4 can be split into separate strobe and dimmer channels (optional 5-Channel DMX scheme).



The LumiCon-43 can be modified to suit the customer’s needs. The following options are available (only on order – not for retrofit):

  • Switch-off memory for firmware
  • 5-Channel DMX channel scheme
  • Top Panel user interface printing
  • Packaging artwork



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